The Oaks Residential Community

You'll soon discover why we are named "The Oaks" as you enter our community and get a look at some of the most incredible Oak trees. These trees are really old, how old is currently unknown but if you enjoy mother natures marvels you'll enjoy these.  


We are conveniently located a short 3 miles southwest of Friday Harbor and the ferry landing.

As you exit off the ferry follow Spring street up through town, veer left onto Argyle street as you come to a "Y" in the road. You'll have Ace Hardware on your left and Wells Fargo on your right. Continue straight on up Argyle and down a short hill. Follow it as the road bends to the right. At the stop sign turn left onto Cattle Point Rd. Follow Cattle Point Rd. as you pass the airport and the road continues around a bend to the right and up the hill. At the top of the hill the road bends back to the left. Continue on Cattle Point Rd until you come to "Little" road on the right. It's a "T" intersection with no road on the left so don't miss it. Turn right onto "Little" road. Follow "Little" road to the stop sign. Turn left onto Douglas Rd. Douglas road will soon begin to bend to the right. Do not follow Douglas around the bend but exit straight ahead off Douglas instead and come to a stop sign. You'll see the entrance to The Oaks in front of you. Enjoy a leasurely drive through our community and then follow the signs to the office where we'll be happy to meet you and answer any questions you may have.