The Oaks Residential Community








Here's our Community Rules. They are a bit lengthly but this gives you an idea of how our Community operates


Effective January, 2013

 Portions of these rules are required by Washington State laws relating to manufactured home parks landlord & tenants act and  San Juan County laws as stated by San Juan County Commissioners, San Juan County Building Department, and San Juan County Fire Marshall.

 The Oaks owners and management may amend and change or alter these from time to time as necessary and will distribute any revisions to all residents. It is important our residents understand that we live in close proximity of our neighbors and consideration of how our actions affect those around us are foremost when these guidelines are created or amended. We have developed the following set of rules to aid in achieving this sense of community.

Any revision of these rules will be issued to each residential unit and supersedes any and all versions you have received in the past. Your signatures on the land lease represents your agreement to adhear by these rules as well as all individuals residing in your home, and all guests visiting your home.




It is the desire of the ownership to operate a neat & orderly community that all residents will be happy & proud to call home. We are a family owned and operated partnership. Four of our five business partners live on site here at The Oaks. We strive to ensure our community is a wonderful place to live and a place that all feel good about calling home.




Land lease payments are made payable to: The Oaks, and are due on the first of each month and become past due on the 6th.  A $5.00/day late fee will be initiated on the 6th day of the month and accrue until the payment and accrued late fees are paid in full. Management will also apply a $25.00 N.S.F. fee for any returned checks.

Each tenant is responsible for electricity, garbage, telephone, water and sewer, homeowners insurance, cable or satelite TV, and internet access.

Increases in lease rates shall be as follows:
Each May the rent will be increased by either the Seattle published cost of living index percentage or $8.00, at the owners discretion. In addition, any large increase in property tax, insurance or improvements such as paving, untilities upgrades, or recreational facilities can cause an addition to the rate increase or a one time assesment. 




Only manufactured homes with WA State Dept. of Labor & Industries approval may be installed at The Oaks and must be set up according to the manufacturer's instructions.  Installation will be in accordance with all state and local codes. Only newer manufactured homes are allowed. They must have wood, masonite, or vinyl exteriors with asphalt shingle pitched roofs.  The homes must not be altered in floor plan from the original factory design. The minimum size permitted will be 1000 square feet of floor space.

     Lot setbacks will be a minimum of 16 feet from rear lot line. Wheels, axles and towing hitches must be removed, and returned to Dealer or disposed of.  Washington State rules require that the manufactured home lot be defined as follows; to be within the 4 corner markers of any given lot or in the case of the corner lots with only 3 markers use the inside radius of the sidewalk corner line along the roads.

 No changes or excavating is to be done to any manufactured home site without management approval.  No manufactured home may be set in place or removed without approval.  Tampering with park electrical, water, sewer, phone or cable TV connections is strictly forbidden. No alterations or additions to the home may be made without obtaining prior written approval and required Building Permits.  Strict adherence to applicable codes must be made in order to maintain the quality appearance of the park. Manufactured homes are built to HUD codes not UBC codes and inspected at the factory hence any alterations from the original factory construction must have approval from the Department of Labor and Industries.




All structures must be approved by management prior to construction. Various permits, including electrical, may be required for any & all construction as required by Federal, State & County codes.  All permits will be at the expense of the resident. No posts of any kind are to be driven into the ground without written permission due to the danger to and from underground utilities. All construction projects shall be completed within 60 days of initial ground work. No permanent obstructions in the last rear ten feet of lots #50 through  #76 are allowed. Costs for removal and replacement for any structures, permanent or otherwise that must be removed for underground utility repairs will be the responsibility of the resident.


Carports: Designs for carports must be properly engineered and submitted to S.J.C.B.D. for their approval.  Roofing must match the existing composite roofing of the home. The minimum size carport allowed is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long and shall start within four (4) feet of the street end of the home and shall be on the right side of the home when standing on the street facing the home. If you wish to extend your carport beyond either end of the home, approval from management is required


Skirting: The skirting will need to be replaced or repaired over time. It is a critical component of your home. It helps support your homes perimeter and also acts as a baracade to keep the underside of your home and the utilities that reside underneath clean, accessible, and secure from rodents as well as sloughing dirt. There are vents in the skirting that allow for adequate air flow underneath the home to control mold and condensation. The skirting should have been installed and approved with the appropriate ventilation ratio and hence it is critical to keep these vents operational, open, and secured in their function.  


Auxilliary Structures:  Only one auxiliary storage structure is allowed per residential unit. The preferred storage unit location is on the carport side and to the rear of the home. Placement of all storage type structures must have approval from management.  Storage of flammable products is not permitted on your lot. If your auxiliary storage unit has electrical power it must be installed per code with proper permits and a final inspection completed prior to its use. Extension cords running from the home to any auxiliary structures are not allowed and violate the rules of occupancy.  


Ingress and Egress: Plans for decks, porches, and stairs larger than fifty (50) square feet must be submitted to S.J.C.B.D. for approval. All entries into the home are required to have a permanent approved ingress/egress structure completed prior to occupancy and must meet County code or the resident may receive appropriate fines from the Fire Marshall and/or a violation notice.


Fencing: Perimeter fencing shall be constructed of chain link with privacy slats optional if desired. The height of the fence must not exceed four (4) feet for the front one third of the lot length and a maximum height of six (6) feet for the remaining two thirds of the lot length. All fencing must be pre-approved by management. Perimeter fences on lots 50 – 76 but must have eight foot swing gate installed at both back corners along each side. This is so equipment may traverse this path in order to work on utilities. Perimeter Hedges are allowed as long as they are maintained at the same height requirements as the fencing and no portion of the Hedge/Laurel encroaches onto any adjoining lot or sidewalk.


Concrete or Asphalt driveways, patios, and walkways: Designs must be submitted and approved.  These must also meet code and may require permits. Costs for removal and replacement in order to repair utilities are the responsibility of the resident.


Stoves or Heat Pumps: Mechanical air conditioners and/or heat pumps, wood, pellett, oil, propane or any other fuel burning stove and supply tanks must have park approval & permits prior to installation. 


All of the above auxillary structures and additions must be painted or stained as soon as weather permits after construction and maintained as such.  Colors must be pre-aproved and harmonious with the surrounding rural area  all accessories shall have the finished side of construction facing toward the exterior or the lot.

Other pertinent rules to this section are as written by the San Juan County building inspector.




Each resident will be required to landscape their lot. Alternatives to lawn are acceptable but must be pre-approved by management. Residents will maintain their landscapes at all times. All plantings, gravel, and/or bark must be contained within the boundaries of the lot. Street sidewalks shall be swept when needed and the curb area kept free from weeds and dead grass cuttings. All planted shrubs and lot improvements shall become a permanent part of the lot when the residence is sold or vacated.  Costs for removal and replacement for any landscaping, structures, permanent or otherwise that must be removed for underground utility repairs will be the responsibility of the resident. No tree removal or trimming of park owned trees is allowed. Management reserves the right to issue instructions to maintain or alter any aspect of each lots landscape.




Home exteriors must be kept clean and in good repair. It is recommended that the exterior of the home be re-sealed and re-painted once every four years. Facia and window and door trim must be replaced as needed. Roofs should be inspected a minimum of once per year for any damage or potential leakage. A typical roof lasts 20 years and should be replaced when needed. All old roofing must be torn off prior to installation of new roofing. Gutters and downspouts should be checked and cleaned at least twice per year. All windows must be intact and in working condition. All electrical, water, and sewer connections must be kept in a safe and leak proof condition and remain in compliance with all state & county laws.  All above ground water and sewer lines must be maintained in functional condition. Water lines must be insulated. Water MUST NOT BE LEFT RUNNING to prevent freezing.  If the insulation is not installed and maintained properly the management reserves the right to contract for the work on behalf of the tenant and charge them for any and all fees related to the work.  Clogged or plugged drains etc. will be cleaned at tenants expense.




All residents shall maintain their spaces in a clean, well kept, attractive fashion including front, sides & back. Lots are to remain accessible to management at all times. Tenants are responsible for maintaining the street curb in front of their lot along the sidewalk. If a space is neglected, management reserves the right to arrange the care and bill the resident at a rate of $30.00 per hour for these services.  Articles other than patio furniture, BBQ equipment or storage cabinets must be kept out of sight when not in use.   State law prohibits under the house storage.  No clotheslines are permitted and laundry may not be hung outside.  Clothes Dryers must be vented to the outside of the home or skirting. No appliances are permitted to be stored or installed outside the home. Streets must be kept free from any dripping gasoline or oil. Firewood may be neatly stacked against the home on the carport side. Tenants are responsible for preventing rodent infestation underneath their homes. This includes keeping skirting sealed and in rot free condition around the entire home with access doors that are latched and close properly to seal off access by rodents, small animals, and young children. No rubbish shall be allowed to accumulate. 




  The individual yard lights at the front of each lot belong to the resident and are on the resident's meter. They must burn from dusk to dawn. Each is triggered individually by an electric eye located just below the fixture on the post. The Oaks management installed and supplied the original lamp, lamp post, and electric eye free of charge. The homeowner will provide replacement lamps, lamp posts, and electric eyes, and fixture maintenance of the yard light. Lot #'s are on each light fixture and must remain readable at all times. These numbers are beneficial for locating your home in case of emergencies, postal services, or guests. Recommendations are that the posts be painted once a year & rough service lamps of 100 watts or less be used. If management feels that a lamp post is in need of maintenance we will inform the homeowner as such. If action is not taken within 30 days of such notification than management reserves the right to perform or contract out the required maintenance and bill the homeowner appropriately.




For the safety of all residents, the speed limit in the park is 15 MPH.  Management appreciates help from residents with regard to relaying this fact to all guests as well as informing us of any violators. Chronic offenders will be asked to park outside of The Oaks premises and walk to and from their destination. We want to avoid installing more speed bumps but if it comes down to it we will!

We have a problem with vehicles parked on the street. It prevents us from performing proper road maintenance and creates a hazardous situation for all, young and old, residents and guests by limiting the field of vision for drivers. All vehicles must be parked in the driveway/carport area at all times. There are two exceptions to this. 1) If there are 3 licensed drivers living in the home and three vehicles that will not all fit in the driveway, one vehicle may be parked on the street provided it is parked in front of your own lot, facing the direction of traffic flow. This vehicle must not be leaking any fluids onto the street. 2) If guest’s cars will not fit in your driveway, they may park short term on the street as long as they are facing the direction of traffic flow. For overnight guest parking please contact the office and we can discuss their parking options. Naturally it is impossible for us to enforce this rule 24/7 so we rely on you to abide by it on your own integrity.

 The primary intent of the storage area located in the northeast corner of The Oaks is for recreational vehicles and boats that are used at least once a year and are in working order. If you have more than two vehicles/items in the storage area, please contact the office. To make more room and cut back on some of the abandoned items. We will be charging $50.00 per month for each additional item above the two spaces allotted per household. Light duty work vehicles with racks and tools which are used on a daily basis shall at all times be parked in the storage area. Please have long term guests, (i.e. visiting more than two weeks), park their cars in the vehicle storage area.  Unsightly vehicles will not be permitted to be parked in driveways. No vehicles whatsoever will be allowed to park on the lawns, grassy areas, or patios.

     The management will issue one warning in writing to any violators of the above rules. If the vehicle(s) is not moved by the so stated deadline on the warning notice the vehicle will be removed and the owner billed for any costs incurred!

     No repairs or servicing of vehicles will be permitted in driveways, carports or streets. Vehicles may not be "jacked" or blocked up except to change a flat tire. There is space provided for such tasks in the storage area only.
     No permanent parking of travel/equipment trailers detached campers, boats or motor homes is allowed in driveways or on the street. RV vehicles may be parked beside the home,  (space permitting), or in front of the home for a period of four (4) hours for the purpose of loading or unloading, providing you do not block your neighbors driveway.  Work on the RV vehicle must be done in the storage area.

     Noisy equipment & vehicles will not be permitted. If any tenant notices such vehicles passing through, try to determine where they are coming from, so that the proper people can be contacted to stop this.  Only residents and or guests who have valid drivers licenses will be allowed to operate motor vehicles within the confines of the park.




     All such areas will be for the exclusive use of park residents and their guests.  All are at your disposal and to be used at your own risk.  Residents desiring the use of these facilities for private gatherings may do so providing it does not conflict with park activities.  Consult management for reservations.  No drinking or alcoholic beverages in or around the recreational area or buildings, except at special functions approved by management.  Closing hours for all facilities is 11 PM.  All guests must be accompanied by a resident and all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  These facilities and open areas must be left clean and in order especially after any parties or events.  If not, a fee will be charged for pickup and cleaning.




# 10  GUESTS.


     Residents will be held responsible for all action and conduct of their guests and to this end are liable for any damages to any property within the park caused or contributed to by their guests. Guests staying over 14 nights must be registered with the office and a background check form filled out.  Please accompany your guests throughout the park especially children and inform them of park rules and regulations which are for the safety and health of all.  Guests may not stay in resident's home in owners absence without management approval. Said guests must maintain exterior of home and yard, the same as the owners are required to do or it will be a park rule violation. There is no long term, more than two weeks, housesitting permitted.  Please notify management if owners arrange for  individuals to come check up on their home during a long term absence.


 # 11  PETS.


     Small house pets are permitted on approval of management.  A pet will be accepted on the condition that it is quiet and kept in the owners home or yard and never allowed on the streets except on a short leash.  We have had complaints about the growing cat population within the Oaks community; mostly due to cat prints from climbing on vehicles and some occurrences of fighting. The same rule applies for cats as any other pet, They must be contained!. All pets must be registered with the management and must have current rabies shots.  If they are not registered and are caught loose they will be taken to the animal shelter.  Owners shall strictly confine pets to their individual space. Pet owners must keep their yards free from droppings or odors. 

     Noisy or unruly pets or those that cause complaints will not be allowed to remain. There is a two dog limit per household. Dogs must not be left unattended and bark for any length of time. If we receive complaints we will first ask you to keep your dog inside with the windows closed. If the barking continues you will have to use some type of muzzle or bark collar. If the dog continues to be a nuisance you will have to find another home for it. If your dog has this tendency, please be a responsible pet owner and check with your neighbors periodically to see how your pet is behaving when you are away. We do allow pet sitting among neighbors on a short term basis. Boarding animals for hire is not permitted.  Landlord maintains the right to deny or rescind residential approval if applicant has any breed of pets that show or are known to have vicious or violent tendencies. Keep all pets off neighboring yards.  Pets are not permitted in any park building.  Owners are responsible for the immediate clean up of pet excrement left anywhere .  Management reserves the right to deny a resident a new pet if it is felt there is an excessive number of pets either in the park or in the residents home. Pets must be kept away from park utilities at all times. 


# 12  CONDUCT.


     Residents shall not play any radios, TV sets, stereos, musical instruments or make any noise in such a manner as to annoy other residents at any time.  Vehicles that create excessive noise will not be permitted to operate within the park.

QUIET HOURS---10 PM TO 8 AM.  Disturbing noises, parties, intoxication or misconduct will not be tolerated.  No soliciting of any nature, and no private enterprises or business may be conducted in the park without permission of management. There shall be no trespassing on other manufactured home spaces and all tenants shall be held responsible for any damage caused by themselves or their guests.
Rule Violations:

All park violations not otherwise specified herein will be rectified at the expense of the violator. Management will issue a violation notice providing an appropriate time limit for rectification. Upon expiration of such a limit management will resolve the issue on its own and bill the violator for all costs incurred. . The right to evict any objectionable person or persons causing a disturbance or who repeatedly violates rules and regulations is reserved  by management who shall be sole judge of the existence or cause for such action. 




     Transfer of occupancy on sale of a manufactured home must have management approval.  Any adult who is living in the home must fill out a background/credit check application and sign a copy of these rules.  A tenant may advertise the sale of his home by displaying a sign in a window of the home stating that the home is for sale or exchange.  The sign shall state the name, address and telephone number of the owner or his agent and may be no larger than 18" in length or width.  If the prospective purchaser wishes to keep the home in the park, he must complete and sign a residency application form supplied by the manager and the prospective purchaser must be approved by management.  Thereafter the prospective purchaser must sign a lease and observe all rules and regulations regarding tenancy in the park.  No manufactured home or any part of it may be sold without prior approval from management.  A resident owner may sub-lease their home and lot if they meet the qualifications outlined in the "Qualifications for Sub-Leasing" document. Persons abusing any of these regulations will be served with a Three-day Notice to Quit (Possesion without permission RCW 59.12.030(6)). All tenants are required to sign & observe these rules.


 # 14  ANTENNAS.


    The erection of any outside TV antenna is not permitted.  Cable TV is available to all residents in the community.  Contact the local cable company. All other antennas must be installed toward the rear end of the home. Management approval is required prior to any such installations. Small T.V. satellite dishes are allowed provided they are mounted in an inconspicuos location within the boundaries of your lot.




     Termination of residency may violate your lease agreement, thus obligating you to the balance owed to complete said lease.  This may be avoided only by an acceptable replacement resident who is willing to replace your lease with a new lease. Prior to normal ending of your lease, you must give management written notice 60 days prior to vacating the premises.




     Except for "emergencies", problems are to be presented to management weekdays 9 AM to 5 PM. Except for mechanical emergencies, please call San Juan County Sheriff Department. If you, as a tenant, witness speeding or damage to property, please determine the particular person or persons responsible and contact the office so that appropriate action can be taken.




     Each tenant must provide garbage cans for their use and arrange for pick-up with S.J. Sanitation #376-4709 or tenants may haul their trash to the dump. Trash shall not be piled up. Cans must be stored underneath the carport or in a shed and have lids to prevent overflow.




     Management is not responsible for fire, theft, accident, wind, flood or any "Act of God".  All recreational facilities are used at tenants and guests  "own risk".  Management is not responsible for vehicles or material in storage area.  Violation of any ordinance or law of City, County or State will not be tolerated.  No acts or misdemeanors shall be committed which would place the management or owners of premises in violation of any law or ordinance of City, County or State.  Violations receiving citations from inspection agencies must be corrected.  Because management is the land owner, we also receive a citation for your violation, and are as responsible as you are to correct said violation.  A failure by violating home owner to do so will result in the levying of an extra substantial fee for management to correct the violation or eviction may be required because of said violation.


# 20  US.  MAIL.


     Mailboxes will be provided for your use.  These will be lockable boxes and will be identified by a number corresponding to your manufactured home space.  It is a federal offense to tamper with the mailboxes.  The address for the Oaks is 1785 Douglas Rd. unit____  , Friday Harbor, WA  98250.


# 21  Lease and Rule Violations.


     All adult tenants must have a completed, approved Lease Agreement as well as a Comprehensive Background Application  prior to living at The Oaks.  A new tenant is responsible to make sure that there are  proper connections to sewer, water, electricity and TV and that such installations are made in accordance with current applicable regulations.  All electrical connections must comply with State and Federal Codes

     Management reserves the right to change, amend or add to the rules and regulations at any time.  Residents will be notified of any changes.  These rules or any changes required are necessary for the continued maintenance of a fine residential community.  A current copy of the rules and regulations and other posted notices are made a part of these rules and are incorporated herein by reference.  The law with regard to manufactured home residency shall, when in conflict with any of these rules, take precedence. Please feel free to contact management for interpretation of any questions regarding these regulations that may arise throughout your residency.   

     As per Wash. State law this 40 acre parcel known as The Oaks Manufactured Home Park is designated as suburban by the Comprehensive Plan.


Violations shall necessitate the enactment of the following procedures:

Residents shall be issued a written notice to cease the violation immediately or make preprations to correct the violation. If the correction requires some form of reconstruction or enhancement such as painting or yard work, a 30 day grace window will come into affect. Any subsequent violation or failure to follow through on corrective measures shall result in a second notice with a second 30 day grace period. Should the second notice and grace period pass without resolution a third and final notice of termination of tenancy shall be delivered and the resident shall vacate the premises in accordance with such notice. Provided that for, a periodic violation, the notice shall also specify that repetition of the same violation shall result in termination, (WA State law).




     This section is strictly to re-emphasize the use of all utilities provided by the Oaks.  As stated throughout the preceding sections water and sewer facilities are provided and maintained by management. We are fortunate to have good and plentiful water as well as a well designed sewer system, however this does not mean that wastefulness and negligent abuse of the facilities provided will be tolerated.


Water - Watering, especially during the summer months, is necessary to maintain an acceptable standard of landscaping for each lot. We have a simple watering schedule which consists of odd numbered lots water Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and even numbered lots water Saturday, Monday, Thursday with nobody watering on Wednesday. We have found this to be adequate for our climate here in the northwest. You may still water your potted plants as needed. The schedule is designed to eliminate extreme consuption rates and is not a reflection on the availability of water. However, there is a right and wrong way to go about this; Lawns and beds should be watered in the early morning  or later afternoon hours not during the intense mid-day heat. There is no need to continually water all day long.

Sewer - Only applicable items shall be run through the sewer system. All other items such as hair, diapers, tampons, condoms, ...etc. shall be disposed of with the garbage. Garbage disposals are discouraged but not prohibited. We are simply relying on all residents common sense.


 # 23 HUNTING.

There is no hunting of any kind permitted on The Oaks property.